Students at a party, 2005 by Martin Parr


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fendi men’s fall/winter 2014.15

fendi men’s fall/winter 2014.15

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You have to admire it.


You have to admire it.


get away f rom me [x]


I like reading your hashtags they are so funny

i read this in ralph wiggum’s voice and it was amazing thank you friend


Baby Giraffe being curious Κ˜β€ΏΚ˜


miss dior 2014; james as jennifer lawrence ft. cacnea & carnivine

paintchipped replied to your post: I CAN’T STOP LAFFIN @ CHRIS EVANS’ TIN…

4ever stanning him in this movie tbh

literally! it was like the only movie i’d ever seen him in but when ppl were talking shit when he got cast as Captain America i had to be like no no he can do it he was rly good in Sunshine and they were like what’s Sunshine i had all this faith in his ~abilities built up from 2007

(he was probably just as good in Snowpiercer too but then he went and fucked me up with the monologue at the end, so i would say he’s better in Sunshine just cause he does NOT talk about how [redacted] tastes [redacted] in Sunshine he is a GOOD MAN)

he even got the good sis cillian parched smh chris evans ur in space u need to conserve water put it away!!!!!